Sunday, March 14, 2010

She loves life with me

So Noelle and I were working in getting to sleep (for you single guys, it's always more complicated than just climbing in bed and falling asleep), and she told me she loves life with me. I'm not entirely sure if she is thinking coherently because we are both so tired - we went to bed much later than normal last night AND lost an hour of sleep! Recipe for disaster. But, regardless, it is always nice to hear such kind words. Then, of course, I realized I hadn't blogged yet today and so we discussed whether I should bother or not and I decided I definitely needed to. I'm committed to this every day til Mexico thing and am actually hoping to be able to get on the internet and blog during Mexico a couple times as well... no big commitment there however.

Life with my wife (yes, it rhymes) is seriously wonderful. It's not always easy, not nearly perfect, but it is wonderful. We are grateful to God for bringing us together and while we are two very imperfect sinners saved by grace, we are able to love one another with a growing love for each other and the life we share. God is good, this is a good season and a pretty sweet spot in our lives. We're excited for the future but also wanting to wholly lean on his mighty hand to provide and his perfect wisdom to lead us.

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