Friday, March 26, 2010

One more go around

It's hard to believe this will be the last Mexico trip for me at PBC. This will be my 6th time making this trip - the first was as a senior in high school, second was as a college intern, and now this is the 4th as the youth pastor of PBC. Each trip is memorable and different, even if they locations are so similar. Each year God shows up in powerful ways in my life, drawing me closer to him, reminding me of his grace and abundant provision in my life. Each year I am humbled to see that I do not deserve one thing, but all that I have has come from the Lord. Each year I am motivated all the more to humbly serve in my day-to-day life at home - to serve my wife, to serve the church, to be ready and willing to help anyone in need. Each year God changes lives, and I believe this year will be no different.

How can you pray for us in Mexico?

1. Pray that God would work in the hearts of unbelievers on the trip with us. Yes, there are people who don't know Jesus that join us on this trip. Some people realize they've been playing the game of religion for many years though they've grown up in church, and others come to faith in Christ even though they originally just wanted to go to have some fun and build a house. Pray for conversion

2. Pray for safety - we leave at midnight and drive for about 14 hours, and will do it again on the way back. We build a home in 4 work days - we have to move fast but want to work safely. We have people up on the rafters putting the roof together, then hanging out on the roof all day while we lay the shingles down. We need God's protection for many reasons.

3. Pray for close relationships on our team. We need people working together, but the life-changing part is often the relationships that are formed and deepened on a trip like this. Pray that God warms everyone's heart to one another so there is a deep love amongst brothers and sisters in Christ.

4. Pray for the adult leaders. There are a lot of adult leaders this year, which is great. Sometimes that can create some clashing of interests or some stubborn tendencies in people, and pray that this is dissolved. Pray for our health and pray for our servant-heart toward the students we are with. Pray that Dale, myself, and others who will be preaching/teaching do so in loving ways that are Spirit filled and Christ exalting to the glory of the Father.

There are more things to pray about, but I am out of time - thank you for praying. I hope to be updating people via this blog about the trip as it progresses.

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