Saturday, March 6, 2010

Resting amidst the madness

This week has been pretty insane for Noelle and I and tonight will be only crazier still with our big dinner fundraiser coming up. Yet somehow everything always seems to come together really well, which I thank God for. This is our 4th annual dinner event and God has provided graciously and abundantly for each year, and I know this year will be no exception.

What I'm realizing is the importance of resting in the middle of these crazy weeks. For example, Noelle and I agreed that Friday night had to be rest night over a week ago. There was a minor crisis about this agreement, however, when I discovered that my old high school's basketball team was playing at Arco Arena for the section championship! My junior year in high school was the only year our school had been to the section championship, and we had won. I can prove it... my name is on the banner which hangs proudly in the gym. But, an agreement is an agreement, and I declined an invitation to go with some friends. Turns out they won in overtime! But, you know what? It slid right off of me because we had a fantastic night resting. We turned off our phones, went to Bel-Air and bought lamb chops, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and wine. We cooked together, and I superbly passed my first test with grilling lamb - they were pink on the inside and packed with flavor. Then we watched some recorded shows we needed to catch up on and went to sleep.

God is teaching me that in the midst of a crazy life, as mine is more often than not, he revitalizes me through these forced rest evenings. They are so good for my soul, and great for my marriage too. So I'm happy I rested... because now I need to work my butt off tonight to raise some dough for Mexico!

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