Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mexico Day One

We arrived! We´ve been in Mexico for over 24 hours, and this period is the vacation portion of the trip. We are able to go to taco stands (maybe two or three trips!), hit up the beach which is about a 10 minute walk down the road, and just relax. We begin working hard tomorrow morning and everyone is excited to get going. Dale says teenagers are actually telling him they'd rather fast forward through today in order to start working - how's that for a novel idea! But this is an important relationship building day together and it's great to prepare for the week ahead.

Last night we met the families we will be building homes for and had dinner with them here at the camp. The family PBC is building for is a widow with 3 kids (20 yrs, 14 yrs, 3 yrs) and they are very excited to be receiving it and are thankful to God we are here. It will be a privilege to build it for them - please be praying for them (I believe her name is Remedios) and for us as we do want to get to know them as best we can this week.

Tonight we'll be having a bonfire worship time together, spend time in our family groups (groups of 5-7 people you meet with every day to pray, chat, and encourage each other), and having some free time. Hopefully there will be another good night's sleep before we get going on all the hard work.

God always does incredible things in the life of each person through this trip. Be praying for hearts to be receptive to God's Word as it is studied every day in the devotionals and taught each night during chapel. Pray that relationships continue to grow amongst the team and that people who may not feel confident they really want to be here right now will have their minds changed and love this place. For you parents, thank you for your trust in us as adults to care for your kids and serve with them - there are about 70 students here and 40 adults! Quite the ratio for adult-student interaction.

I'll try to update a couple more times - maybe even every day, but no promises :-)

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