Thursday, March 4, 2010

Every day til Mexico

Alright, so I still am only writing occasionally and there is just something in me that is frustrated about that. What I realized today is that it just simply isn't a habit - like many things in people's lives, if you don't do it often you won't make it a habit. I have a dream of writing some day... like writing a full on book... and I want that passion to continue and be honed on places like this blog - this obscure, there's-a-million-like-this blog. So that's what I'm going to do. I leave for Mexico in just over 3 weeks so I'm going to write every day until then and do my best to make it a real habit.

That being said, God has been incredibly gracious to me this week with all the prep for Black and White Mexico night. The weeks leading up to it leave me with almost nothing to do for "free time" - I visit dozens of business, send tons of emails, and then follow up on as much as I can. But God is providing some incredible things, in a material sense, that have been donated for our fundraiser. Sometimes, because I am weak, I need God to literally show me how good he is in order for me to feel confident in him. And I believe that this weekend, and on the Mexico trip, I'm going to see how great God is in providing for us again.

Lord, I need you to sustain me. I need you to sustain me physically and spiritually - of course I always need this but I am acutely aware of it right now. I'm tired, I'm stressed, and I know that much of this week I've been trying to do on my own. So I release that to you and trust you... and I love you. Thank you for your grace every day. Amen

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