Sunday, April 11, 2010

The future of my blogging

Lately I've been thinking about the best way I can promote my writing passion and develop any God-given ability I may have to write. Several things have come to mind but the most consistent one I can think of is to give my blogging a bit of structure - I need a plan, basically. I'm a planning kind of guy, and while I do enjoy flexibility and spontaneity at times, I definitely favor structure and deadlines. So, here's my plan (and where I need some help): I am going to come up with two or three consistent themes for me to write about each week, and a specific day on which to write about these things. I want the themes to be broad in scope but succinct in what I call them.

For example, I'm thinking "theology" will be one of my themes; so, perhaps every Monday my title will be "Theology: _________" and give that title. Another example of what I've been thinking about it "Discipleship: ___________". But I know that these may be things I'm interested in, and while it's important that I be interested in them I also enjoy knowing people read my blogs from time to time (I used to care much more about people reading my blog than I am now). So, my request is this: please tell me what you'd be interested in hearing more about - what, if it were on my blog consistently, would you want to read? What could a title for it be (no more than 3 words)?

Some other names/titles I've thought about: culture; what I'm learning; reflections; story; lies we believe, and so on.

Please give me any feedback through this blog and through Facebook's comment section. Or write me a message or email with some ideas. Thanks!


  1. That sounds like a great way to keep focus. I definitely know that's that the most difficult hurdle in writing. Another way to come up with categories can be to look back at older entries and pin down the heading you would put each under. That way you are working with a structure you are already comfortable with. I'm glad you are sticking with writing. Your posts are good readin' and always leave me thinking.

  2. Hmm. Miscellaneous, Priorities, and Love. Not in that order. :)

    These are at the root of so many things we do and should do. And they're at the heart of so much of what those you minister to are struggling with.

    I also think you should write a book, just cuz you express yourself well and think deeply! :)

    Suzzanne Bonn

  3. Chris--Not sure what topics I'd like to see you write about; I think that is something you are going to have to figure out yourself...but God will lead you there. But I do know I enjoy your writing. There are only a few blogs I follow for their encouraging, challenging, inspiring content, yours is one of them as is one written by dear friend of mine, Ann at Holy experience( Ann has a framework for her posts: Multitude Monday, Walk With Him Wednesday, etc. I know she came to these topics simply from her own heart and God's leading. I am sure you will find the topics that work for you.

  4. I like both the theology and lies we believe, great ideas!


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