Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The future of my blogging: My 3 topics

I asked for some input a few days ago about the structure of my blog. I received some valuable feedback, and some encouraging things as well - for those of you who read it and who commented, thanks! My brother gave me perhaps the best idea: "Thoughts from Scott's younger brother"... while I'm sure such a riveting title would be infinitely useful to the masses, after much prayer I've decided against it (sorry Scott). However, I believe I've settled on three consistent themes or topics I will write about. My plan is to put these phrases/words in front of any entry that falls under this theme, while still putting some more random thoughts down from time to time as well. The three topics are:

Theology: This word captures many more things than most people think. I want to be a student of theology for the rest of my life. Theology has been given many definitions (some better than others), but my basic understanding of theology is that it is a description of how we understand God, his character, and his relationship to the world. With that in mind, this word is broad enough to include very personal entries as I reflect on God but also be instructive about important themes in the Bible.

Lies We Believe: We all believe things that aren't true. A lie is something that contradicts reality. If I say I drive a Honda but in reality I drive a Toyota, I am lying... contradicting reality. That's an easy and impersonal example, but the more difficult thing is that we all believe lies about ourselves, God, other people, money, sex, possessions, churches, and so on. Some of these lies are easily corrected while others are so hard to undo in our souls that it takes years to let the truth change us. I want to explore all kinds of lies we believe and hopefully offer the truth from God's Word.

What I'm Reading: I strive to be a lifelong reader and learner about all kinds of things. Whether it's reflecting on some personal time in God's Word, something I'm learning in class from a professor or an article, a book I'm reading for personal enrichment, or just an article about something, I want to write on those things.

So there you go... I hope this is going to stay consistent but I will certainly take some creative liberty if one of these isn't working out. It will be nice for me to "assign" topics to myself and seek to continue my passion for writing.

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