Thursday, January 21, 2010

There's Something About The Rain

There's just something about the rain that I love. I was excited about this storm when I heard it would be coming, though I of course understood that some areas would not be ready for so much snow and/or rain all at once. It is my theory that there is no such thing as "bad weather". I don't necessarily mean to take that to the extreme and sound heartless about the devastation that comes with tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like. It's just that storms like these are a nice change of pace for me. I'm sitting by a window at Panera bread as I type this and just love seeing the rain come down. The wind was howling yesterday outside of my apartment so hard that I truly believed the not-so-strong looking tree was going to fold in half and perhaps come inside my apartment window. Fortunately it didn't.

Maybe it's the mood I get in when rain comes down consistently for a while, but I sincerely am enjoying it. I was reading in Amos earlier this morning for the seminary class I'm taking and God kept talking about wind and rain and how he was going to send it this way and that way. The Scriptures talk like that all over the place, and I think it's important to remember. While our scientists and meteorologists can tell us where a storm is coming from, they tend to neglect REALLY Where it's coming from. God himself is sovereign over wind and rain, and while that can certainly be a difficult thing to swallow when disaster strikes (or even just a leaky roof), it's something the Bible confronts us with anyways. We would much rather speak of God as not involved in these things, but in the end if he's not involved or in control then he's not really that big of a God after all. But I want to receive God's full self revelation and trust that he is ultimately the One who brings rain and sun.

Just some thoughts.

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  1. the rain is great except when you have 2 dogs that have 8 feet and you are always wiping them off when they go outside (i think this is my new part time job - except i don't get paid!) ... or when, b/c of the rain, you can't play w/ your dogs and one of them get "house fever" and chews on your nice Nike watch you used all the time at the gym to watch your heart rate ... i can't imagine a watch tastes good!! other than those things the rain is good ... scott


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